Thailand 2018, Bangkok, Phuket, Samui, Phangan

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A lot of photos from the phone, a lot just left in our memory. Do not judge strictly, trips with a small child are always more responsible and less productive. Our journey to Thailand began in late January. We managed to process and distribute all orders, it was not easy, but we managed :))) Usually we always leave after the wedding and New Year's season in photo studios. I wanted to go to Thailand very much, since we have heard so many times that it’s warm there, very tasty, beautiful and comfortable with children. The tickets were bought in advance, back in September, according to the plan, it was to fly to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, spend 4 days and continue by car to Phuket, Samui, etc. We flew with a transfer to Dubai for a few hours; it was not difficult with a small one;he flew around the airport like a jet, he ate donuts watered with beautiful colored mother-of-pearl glaze and watched cartoons. It seems to me that a year ago, when we flew to India, it was more difficult with him.

Immediately upon arrival at Bangkok at the airport, we rented a car for the entire time, which we will be in Thailand. You cannot travel outside the country, but within the country there were no restrictions on the number of kilometers and it was easy to travel by car, even to islands. What we did :) Here is our auto:

On the first days of arrival, we slept, walked around the city. For start: Bangkok with left-hand traffic, with a population of 9 million and a bunch of bikers seems dumb, big, frightening. Plus, we didn’t immediately have Internet access (it was impossible to buy simcard on the phone at the airport, there was a huge queue of Chinese people, we stood for an hour, did not wait, and decided to go to the city, buy there). For some reason, previously uploaded map on the phones did not work offline, they began to demand an Internet. Therefore, for a start, it was a bit difficult in an unfamiliar city, without a navigator. But we managed, drove past the market — bought some fruit, ate, then changed the money and found a supermarket where we managed to buy a simcard and Internet access that was turned on instantly (in some Asian countries need to wait 2-3 days). In general, life improved with an Internet and we spent a good 4 days in Bangkok. People often ask: "What do you feed a child in Asia?" In Thailand, there are no problems with food, everywhere is delicious, clean enough, for all the time we traveled to Asia, we have never had a stomachache. Unlike Kiev, where you can eat in vip-establishments and everything you feel is - you don't want to go back there anymore. Even on wedding orders, we are not always ready to eat in certain places. I do not know how Thais manage to keep food in the heat in that order. Most likely, cleanliness plays a role here, that everything is cooked right in front of you (they have no such thing in culture as "reheating food again"). In general, the child did not starve, we partly ate in cafes, food courts in shopping centers (everything there is also very tasty and large portions), in hotels where we stayed. And sure, we cooked ourselves, of course: pancakes with mango and chocolate, rice with coconut milk, delicious fish and seafood. The tension was with good milk for the baby, cheese, butter and coffee for us adults. And yes, Thai food and in their nature somehow less like to eat. I threw storis in Insta, as I began to fall out of my shorts size S-M for 2 months, while not doing anything, did not diet or was very keen on workouts. Just the heat and local cuisine so gorgeous affect the metabolism.

In Bangkok, we managed to walk in several parks, go to the zoo and the aquarium. Shopping and all adult affairs / places with our little imp are counter-indicative to us, therefore places were chosen exclusively under the whims of the son :)

Siam Ocean World Aquarium, tickets there need to buy in advance on their website (2 days), then there will be a great discount. We liked the aquarium, it is not very big, but interesting. After the Ukrainian standards aquariums are huge. Who loves nature can follow this plan, it will be interesting. In American feature films, they often like to show a moment of appeasement or pondering something in oceanariums in front of a large aquarium. Yes, there is a little, you watch the fish swim slowly, it is dark around, and behind the glass is its own special unhurried world. For inspiration wedding (and not only wedding) photographers really need to see, feel, admire and enjoy the moment. Then we will bring that piece of a special moment, mood into our work, we can convey the feeling of a special moment in life.

Fruits are great, but exotic is exotic. In Bangkok, I was covered with the first wave of allergies. So it was not possible to establish what exactly, I sin on fruit or fish called Mackrel, it is an exact copy of mackerel. It is very tasty cooked, but until the end of our trip I avoided it, I ate the rest of the fish. Therefore, I spent part of the time under antiallergic, saw the course. Fortunately, the medicines we carry with us and in Thailand tourist areas are well developed, you can easily buy the right medicine.

We also went to the Temple of the Morning Dawn in Bangkok (Wat Arun). Beautiful, what else can I say. We arrived early enough, it was not hot and deserted. At the entrance, they asked to put a scarf over my shoulders and gave it to me. Then came the tourists, there were a lot of them. The sun has become mercilessly burn. They say it's beautiful here at dawn or sunset

On the pictures below are 2 different fruits. At first choose durian. Yes, that same fruit, which is considered the strangest and most controversial in the world, which can not be taken on a plane or hotel. In the end, we tried it. Creamy fat texture of the pulp, strong smell of onions. Something reminded me of French onion soup. There is, in principle, not disgusting, the nose is not clamped. Even our son ate and liked it, we did not throw a piece. Only later it turned out that this fruit still smells in the stomach for a long time, the taste in the mouth is nasty and intrusive, I wanted to get rid of it, but nothing from the food helped.

On the second photo jackfruit, many eat it, love, buy, we somehow did not.

A lot of things have already been written about Thailand, in principle, a lot of guidebooks, tips, recommendations, etc. Indeed, the country is very tourist developed, very child-friendly. Sometimes it seemed to me that it is even more than in Ukraine. Our small one demolished the shop window with the goods in the store (ran with a wheelbarrow, played races, it was impossible to pacify). Well, in general, the product crumbled, the Thais smiled and did not say anything, did not scold, did not force them to pay, or say a bad word. Excellent education, I do not know how they achieve such harmony, it would be great to live side by side and look more closely. The only thing in Phuket, it was very difficult for us, on this island an unreal number of people. Yes, civilization, but it was too much, not to distinguish from Bangkok. Compared with Phuket, Phangan Island is quite quiet and deserted. From Thailand everyone is looking for his own, the country is big enough and interesting, everyone will find their place. And deserted beaches, and parties, and recreation with children, and adventure. Sometimes I think - well, why am I not born in Thailand, where chic nature, bright colors of the sea, ocean, fruit, summer in winter, summer in autumn, spring, etc. Ukraine is not so intersting in this regard. But on the other hand, we do not have such serious problems as tsunamis, earthquakes, typhoons, landslides, floods. Therefore, there is a moot point here - to live brightly and for a short time .... or to live is gray and boring, but it is stable. Balance in everything and everyone is looking for this balance for themselves.

A short video, like one of the beaches on Samui looked like:

Housing in Thailand is at a normal level, no frills, but well maintained. Thais are trying hard to make it comfortable for visitors in their country to rest. To rest, but not to cross the border, as the same visitors often behave too “at home”, which, of course, violates the personal boundaries of a hospitable country and people.

In any exotic country you have to be careful with wildlife. Plus you should always have anti-allergic, but better brains, neatness and pills at the same time. For example, we simply found a snail-cone on the central beach of Samui. We even tried to take it in our hands, but somewhere in the depths of my mind the memory stirred that snails are killer, I even got ready before the trip, read something about it .... So it turned out that it was it ... A kind of not a geographic cone (the pattern on the sink is different), but if it were stung, then we would have had enough. Who does not know what kind of animals - look on the Internet how it looks and what is dangerous. Many encyclopedias write about it and equate to the most dangerous creatures on the planet, but even we, who read, are fond of animals and generally love nature, did not immediately recognize the threat that simply lay on the central beach of Nathon.

In exotic countries, someone is always watching you :) Geckos that just fall from the ceiling, rummage through a trash can at night, get into bed, throw their tail into you - this is a common thing. Lizards that always look like they’ve recognized some super important secret of yours and rush off their heels to tell it:

A few freeze frames for those who did not want to watch our video:

In general, there is a lot of seafood in Thailand, there are absolutely exotic species, some are familiar to us. With crabs, many people somehow do not add up, because not everyone knows that there are crabs that are boiled to get broth, which is used for making soups. And there are more meat that just eat. We tried different types of crabs, came to the conclusion that some of them are tasty, but not everything is convenient to cut. It's like a love for crawfish. Someone loves them very much, someone can not tolerate. The fish in Thailand is very tasty, just for it's sake it is worth going there. We ordered and in the cafes, and bought on the market and cooked themselves. Fish has its own special taste. Before traveling to Asia, I have never tasted fish with such a tinge of taste, no European fish, red, tuna, herring, sturgeon, etc. do not have such a taste as an Asian fish. In Asia, in principle, it is easy to be vegan (full or partial). Fish and seafood, coconut milk, fruits, avocados, nuts. Plus the heat, I want to eat less. After several months of living in warm Asia, all our friends and acquaintances note that they have become more toned, slimmer, and no efforts have been made to this.

This blue drink in a cup is blue Thai tea, a drink from orchid flowers. It tastes so-so, only looks beautiful. It was not difficult to find it, it lay in the gift department in the supermarket. In the Internet often write that this is a national drink. But many Thais, whom we asked about it, did not know where to buy it at all. So there is a suspicion that this is more of a marketing ploy so that it can sell better.

We had plenty of time to study Koh Samui well enough

I'll write about drones. In general, drones around the world are treated poorly. The toy is good, but in many states it is forbidden or partially permitted with a bunch of papers and red tape. If you add here that the drones are quite strongly exposed to various electromagnetic fields, then it’s not easy with them at all. In practice, for any normal user of the drone, it can happen one day drone can fly away so that you will not find it with no reason for that. So it was with us and many our friends. Plus, drones are signal jammers, so do not be surprised why the drone is unstable. In Thailand, our drone also caught an unstable field (we don’t know if a jammer or a bad signal was a natural one). But the fact remains that it flew away, came back, jammed and failed, fell, broke a screw. Until that moment, for several days the same thing was with another person, we were walking along the beach and saw that a foreigner was trying to do something at sunset with his drone, who flew over the sea and hung out there. He did not have the "return home" function enabled. Therefore, the drone lost the connection and hung where it lost. The return function was turned on and about a miracle, the drone caught the signal, although it seemed hopeless and would have had to sail on the boat to the place where it hung. But he came back, and we just had to wonder if the jamming was turned off, or the stars somehow came together correctly and the foreigner did not lose his drone :)

On the island of Koh Samui with home snorkeling is bad. More precisely, it is not at all, you just need to book a tour and swim specifically. On Phangan we were prompted by a posh place that was free, near the shore and where there were quite a lot of beautiful and exotic fish and wildlife in general. There are a couple of pieces on the video, as we snored. Also on Koh Phangan there is one surprisingly nice cafe, which specifically feeds the fish to its pier. We ate, took a snort, ate another, lay over the water in the hammock, swam again with the fish. Perfect:)

The sunsets are beautiful. But they are just as beautiful on the Kiev Sea :) The main thing is in which company and with what mood!

Such paradise beaches and ideally blue water on Samui could not be found every day. There were no problems with beauty in Phuket, but there was a huge crowd of people. On Phangan the water was cleaner, and very few people. Therefore, for parties - on Phuket, for solitude (well, except for Full Moon Party) - on Phangan. Samui was something between these two islands.

It's great that in Thailand you could go to any hotel and walk around the territory, go to the beach. Yes, in several especially expensive hotels our car was checked, but in general, there were no special questions. I do not know how much this is a plus for holidaymakers in these hotels. But for us this plus was undoubted. Firstly, in any place you could eat or order a cocktail, juice, ice cream for a child. You can appreciate the territory and location of hotels through your eyes, next time we will know exactly which hotels on which beaches deserve attention. The beaches are public, i.e. you have the right to all this beauty for which you came here. There are no ugly fences that we still remember in the Crimea. And, oddly enough, there is enough space for everyone. And beauty is also enough for everyone. And apparently, there is also enough money for everyone. Thais have a sense of proportion, it is manifested in everything. They are in every sense "not too, but in moderation." Friendly, but not intrusive. Beautiful, but not defiant They cook delicious, but eat in moderation. Hospitable, but they can stand up for themselves. This nation’s dignity is excellent. It is so natural and relaxed, noble.

We are also often asked how it can be that we have such long vacations and, in general, that we often travel abroad. The answer is in our work. Now the borders of the world have expanded, Ukraine flies to many countries without visas, so foreigners and immigrants, foreign companies are more convenient to order a photographer from Ukraine, because the quality is great and the fees by the standards of many countries are really funny. For comparison, in Ukraine the cost of a good photographer may be less than $500. For Germany, this amount starts from 1,500 euros. And then, it will be a very, very mediocre photographer. Yes, not everyone speaks the languages ​​of different countries, but English is for many a universal language. Wedding seasons in Ukraine and Europe coincide and last approximately from April to October. For the rest of the work, you can easily go from October to March. What many photographers and enjoy. Among us there are remote workers and a lot of them. Personally, we can leave in the period after NY, because before NY we are engaged in family New Year photo shoots in Kiev studios and corporate photo and video in Ukraine. Thus we have 2 seasons of work in Kiev. The first is the wedding season, we work in Kiev, Ukraine, and sometimes we fly to Europe (we don’t work there a lot, because I want to see my son at least sometimes). And the second is the pre-New Year season. Further in January we often fly to Asia and we will assume that this is our rest and seasonal beach work. It is difficult to separate the profession of the photographer from the life of the photographer. We are everywhere with a camera. Even when we do not want this, we think like a photographer and videographer. Therefore, work is a part of our life. Our life is photography, etc. Can not be separated