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Summer and autumn are always eventful months for us. In principle, like winter. We have 2 seasons for filming. The first is the wedding season, which lasts from April to November. And the second (since we are also family photographers plus doing corporate filming in Kiev) is the season from November to mid-January. A lot of countries are beautiful in the summertime, but how to escape if you have to be in Kiev every Friday and Saturday, since weddings are scheduled and there are almost no dates? Therefore, last year it was decided that we would shoot up to June 17, inclusive, and then combine shooting in Europe with a small trip to different cities and countries that weren't in yet. Almost in a month we managed to drive about 7000 - 8000 km, we saw such countries as Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Germany, Austria. The longest we were in Budapest, Montenegro and the Czech Republic.

When a picture from Instagram is actually your beautiful wedding photo! Now more and more couples prefer a wedding / after-wedding photo shoot in a beautiful and unusual place. Wedding in Bali, in Europe, on the islands - for the modern world is a reality!

Ira and Andrei celebrated their wedding in Kiev with their loved ones, they entrusted us to shoot the wedding photo + video. And then about a week later we met in Montenegro, where we filmed a beautiful love story for this couple.❤️👌 We are not supporters of replacing the wedding with travel. Explain why. Because there are a lot of travels in life, at least, according to the tape of Insta and FB :) Yes, and we do not sit at all on the spot ... Now people can afford almost any trip. A wedding is a beautiful tradition that cannot be repeated many times, unlike traveling. A wedding and a journey are two events that each is magical and beautiful in its own way. But only at a wedding can you show respect to your parents, parents of a spouse, say “thank you” for life, for love

Montenegro liked very much. Beautiful mountains, beautiful views, beautiful clear water on wild beaches (but not on tourist), delicious food. In general, the country is not expensive, but I would say that it is more suitable for adults and children 7+ years old. A romantic place where mountains, sea, sunsets, architecture, alpine meadows, civilization and at the same time its absence are combined at the same time. Thanks to Montenegro for the pleasant memories, I want to return to this country again. Especially, the weather pleased. But Croatia greeted us first with the sun and heat, which very quickly turned into a solid rain, wind, cold and gray, so for a long time we did not stay in this beautiful country, we only had time to look a little Dubrovnik, and drove across Croatia on its most beautiful highway. which went along the sea.

The weather was occasionally not summer, but the road was more difficult than comfortable. Yes, and sometimes the navigator got the wrong place:

We came to some places for the first time as students ... We understood that 10 years in a person's life is a huge time. Feel how we have changed. So it was with the Czech Republic. The last time we were there was about 11 years ago, so it was pleasant for us to walk along the same streets of Prague, again to buy round branded waffles in Karlovy Vary, to go to non-tourist towns of this country, to look into the zoo .. We also managed to call Prague from Dresden to Germany, not going, the trip was spontaneous. Dresden Gallery is open all night, there were a lot of people. Everywhere restaurants are open, you can eat, buy coffee, go to admire the works of Rembrandt, Rubens, Raphael, Titian and many others.