India Goa 2017

Our little trip with a child in Goa, India. It was our first Asia, it was the very first long journey with our son to such distances. From winter to summer. From Ukraine to North Goa. Enjoy watching:

I've made Instagram survey, is it interesting whether the comparison of Goa (India) and Thailand. Everyone answered "Yea", so I am writing.
In general, it is necessary to make a reservation in advance. I do not compare all of India, but only North Goa. And not with ALL Thailand, but rather with the island of Koh Samui and a little Phuket. The time of visiting both countries is about the same (after NY), with a difference of 1 year. It is also worth understanding that we are not complex tour trippers, but went on independent journeys, so there will not be reviews of hotels here. We rented apartments from local ones, bought food and cooked ourselves, life was close to that which we lead in Kiev. Accordingly, we did not sit in the 4 walls of the hotel, but lived a normal life. And from the point of view of traveling with a small child, or rather, not even traveling, but rather living for a couple of months in a certain area of ​​an Asian country. Because it is to travel with the child — something else that has been tried. Well, no one has yet canceled the subjective opinion, there will always be deeply consonant and extremely disagreeable :)
So, let's start.

Nature. In Goa, nature is more dusty. Not as bright as in Thailand, where we remove the saturation of colors in the photo-video, everything is so bright. In Goa, the land is red as a brick. And it is terribly inconvenient, as this dust melts into shoes, clothes, and is heavily laundered. With light shoes and white clothes will not be easy. In Thailand, the land is yellowish, does not get dirty, but rather does not get dirty. The weather in Thailand is much worse, 2-3 rains can take place per day. And this is in the dry season. This applies to Samui and Phuket. In fact, this is important, because it is not desirable to swim in the rain, a lot of all sorts of poisonous sea animals are nailed in bad weather. Secondly, if you are on a bike, then in a rain-shower it is elementary to get wet to thread in 2 minutes while you are pulling on a raincoat. With a child, it is not at all convenient. The weather in Goa was excellent, every day the sun, for a month there may not be a single rain. On a bike with a child is easy if you are not afraid of the heat. Samui is often overcast, which saves from the heat. In Goa, we needed 100% air conditioning. In Thailand, strangely enough, my legs freeze in the evening, and you can get by with a whole fan. At night, from the air conditioner to the very minimum, I freeze. Therefore, we choose a home, it is worth considering this, as the options with a fan in Thai are quite ok. Nights in Goa seem to be colder, but during the day, terrible heat, in Tae, due to the often overcast weather, is simplier.

The intensity of the sun in Goa is lower than in Thailand. But if you sit on the beach at 12.00 pm, then you will burn both there and there. The important thing is that we never used tanning creams anywhere, and nothing, we are alive :) And even tanned beyond measure, so do not believe that in the tropics there is nothing to breathe from humidity and the sun is terrible. It is quite normal. Humidity in Goa is higher, to dry things was a problem. If you leave dry clothes at night in Goa on the street, in the morning you take it wet. In Thailand, there is no such thing, everything dries at times better.

The beauty of the beaches, the purity of the water, everything connected with the sea. In Goa, the sand is not white, but rather yellowish-grayish-brown, it is beautifully golden when you take it in your hands. But it does not give emerald colored water, so the sea looks dimmer. Although the water in Goa is clear, on the beaches where we were, the sand is smooth, entry into the water is excellent, suitable for children and adults. The beaches are a lo-o-o-o-t wider than in Thailand, due to this space as a whole the sea looks very impressive. In Thailand, the sea is different everywhere, sand from white to yellow, almost no dark, sometimes plus or minus 300 meters and a completely different picture. The beauty of the beaches is uniquely in Thailand. The quality of water for purity is the same. The problem of the islands of Thailand is that the quality of their beaches is VERY heavily dependent on the tides and the weather. And it is exhausting and terribly frustrating for complex tour tourists. I will explain. You buy a tour, the pictures are all cool. You come and you have a week. But in Thailand, the weather decided to deteriorate, 2 small shower-rains, but the clouds are gray, the sea is gray because of this, and even the tide, the garbage are scattered all over the coast with dirty rags. Yes, this beach could be heavenly if you came 4 days later. And you know, people sit on such beaches, because they came for a week, they have no car, no bike, no understanding that you can drive off to another part of the island and choose the beach to your taste.
We have a video where people relax on such a dirty beach, I threw it to my friends. In Thailand, on the islands in general, every day there is a whole quest, and on which beach there are no waves, where the tide brought algae, where to swim, where to go??? Believe me, this can be a real challenge, as you go for paradise beaches, but there are more it is necessary to search, and distances every day can be 50-100 km. And so lucky with the weather. And with algae ... In Goa, there is no such thing, it is not an island, but a state on the mainland. Everything is clear there. In the morning the tide, in the evening the tide. The beaches are about the same every day, very rarely were still. In Goa, you can easily visit all 2-3 months 1-2 beach and be happy. In Thailand, you sweat until you find heavenly pictures :) If you have only a week, you will not see anything, at best, 5% of all beauty and diversity.
For some reason it is not customary to write about heavenly Thailand. We re-read and reviewed a bunch of blogs. But everywhere it is mentioned in passing that the tides affect ... We even had a case, we came for the first time to look at Lamai beach, they write about it everywhere. Came out, came to the shore, but there is no beach. You see, there is simply no beach and that's it, nowhere to sit, no sand, the tide has closed everything. And this is for several kilometers the entire coastline :) This, of course, funny. Therefore, for the convenience of the sea and the beaches of Goa is definitely a plus from us!
In general, in Thailand the water looks more beautiful, the beaches are more diverse, the nature is brighter, there are more palm trees on the beaches, there is a shadow from them. In Goa, in general, the sea is more convenient, the weather is more stable, the beaches are wider, but without shade, less jokes with tides, so you can easily believe travel agencies that the sea will not let you down. But in Goa there is neither snorkeling nor diving. On the islands of Thailand there, but with a stretch it is on Koh Samui and Phuket, it is necessary to definitely bother and swim to the neighboring islands.



There is no definite answer. In Goa, we swam on Paradise Beach, there were just snakes lying on the sand, basking. But the beach is considered deserted. In Thai, we found a poisonous snail on the central beach. Geckos are constantly running around here, although there were a lot of them in Goa too. On Samui at one of the beaches where we like were a lot of sea urchins. Sometimes we take out needles from ourselves, now and then heard from others, as someone cries in the water, stepped on a sea-hedgehog :) And this beach belongs to one of the most expensive hotels on the island, called "W". Yes, the name is one letter. Here hedgehogs are not measured. We also encountered small burning jellyfish, again, on the same beach. Not nice when you swim, you feel a slight burning sensation and lumps. Therefore, I would say that in Thailand, living creatures somehow cause more trouble. Honestly, I think it's better to listen to advice and not to swim at night and in the rain in Thailand. Jellyfish will definitely!
But in Goa on the beach its a minus. There are some water fleas in the sand. Small creatures that bite intensely and everywhere. Therefore, in Goa without a rug will not work. And with a rug it is ok, the flea does not get on it. In Thailand, too, there are beaches where there are some kind of blood-sucking, though they are several times larger than Goan fleas and bite more tangibly. But you need to look for such beaches :) Mosquito repellents do not help. In general, as elsewhere in Asia, all sorts of small pests run into the houses. For example, ants, there is no escape from them, as long as you perceive them as enemies. But if we are perceived as friends, then life becomes more fun:) You start even feeding them :) Ants in Asia are normal, and it is a fact that you cannot lead them away. In general, in Goa we saw a lot of monkeys, they came to eat mango at our house. And on they were at the beach. There were heavenly birds. in Thai we did not see the monkeys, apparently, civilization ousted them. But in Thai there are a lot of butterflies and dragonflies, which we saw before only in the pictures.



Definitely Thailand. There is nothing to write. Goa is a village. Phuket is a metropolis is not worse than Bangkok. Samui is something between a city and a village. Accordingly, each place has its own pros and cons. For us, Phuket was unequivocally overcrowded and overpopulated, it was hardly imagined how to relax there when you go to the beach in traffic jams at best for 40 minutes. At worst, 2 hours. Phuket is not perceived by us as a resort. Samui is closer to the resort, there are thousands of times fewer people here than in Phuket. Accordingly, Goa is almost empty :) Therefore, before going somewhere, you have to answer the main question: “what exactly am I looking for from this trip?” Someone important relaxation, privacy and health. Someone on the contrary party, work, drive. On Samui ambulance arrives. In Goa, this would be problematic. But in Goa, even bathe naked, and no one will take your things. Since there are few people on the wide beaches, everything is visible and you will not come up unnoticed. Regarding the work of a photographer - people who can and want to order shooting in Goa are not numerous, expensive hotels are concentrated in South Goa. On Samui, there will definitely be more customers, only it is necessary to resolve the issue of registration, there are difficulties with this here. To whom it is interesting, I will write details in the PM.
There are also deserted beaches in Tae, but there are definitely more people at times. Accordingly, supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics, police stations in Phuket and Samui more than in Goa. There are places in North Goa where there are a lot of people. For example, Arambol. Favorite refuge of non-formals, creative people, ayuverdic companies and those who think that they understand something in alternative medicine. If you need a party, then in Goa you will definitely find it. But its scale will be more village than city.



Definitely Thailand. In Goa, there are 2 children's pools, 2 developmental facilities, a couple of decent hotels, a running marathon and a bit of kitesurfing, perhaps, that is it ... There are a lot of things in Thai. Excursions in Goa as such are not decent. In Thailand, a lot or plenty, they have thing and places to show. Prices on average from $50 for any kind. Diving, a farm of pearls, the island of Phi Phi, tickets to the aquarium, all at least $50. Sometimes for a person, sometimes for a family. Yes, Thailand is tourist developed. Goa is not yet, but it is already going down this path and we are sure that in 5 years there will come up with new types of excursions and raise prices for all  too.

By the way Prices :) This question is always and everyone cares. Definitely Goa. I do not take prices of tours, prices of hotels and jewelry. Take the average "where to live, that is, plane tickets." Tickets to Samui and Goa will be about the same. Food prices in Goa are clearly lower by a greater number of positions. For example, in Goa you could buy a small bread for 0.1 dollar. Fresh, baked in the morning and carried right under the house. In Thailand, it costs from $0.4, and you will find figs fresh, a surrogate, not a bun. A loaf of bread in Thailand is easily sold for $4-5 for a piece. This is soooo strange. In short, with the flour they have is bad. Baguette from Auchan, which is long, costs $1.1 Feel how cool we live. Golden strawberries, if snatched at $5-6 per kilo, then this is a freebie. But donuts can be bought at $0.15, as in Ashan. With a milk in Thailand is bad. The whole world drinks milk and eats cheese. These comrades like "it is not digested." $5-6 for 200 grams of butter President, the taste of pure margarine. Even if I want to pay more, I just will not find butter anywhere, have already tried, no fortune. Yes, they keep the cows. Rarely and not cows, but yaks and for some reason only yaks-men. Probably, the locals simply use them as tractive force. In short, we have never seen either cows or goats. Milk they have soy, coconut and almond. All is $2 for 1 liter and above. All imported cheese, all at an exorbitant price, does not look like cheeses. Cow's milk ONLY powder $1.5-2 1 liter. Honestly, given that the diet of our children consists of cereals with milk and butter, cheeses, yogurt, cottage cheese, at least cheesecakes, then there is difficulty. Cottage cheese is not here in principle, and even if it were offered, it would be bullshit, because, again, powdered milk, from which to make cottage cheese?? Yes, of course, we are aware that we have come to someone else's house and do not have to go with our own rules. But in general, with food in Tae is weird. A bunch of snacks for the price of space (coconut chips are more expensive than ours).
In Goa there was a luxurious milk, excellent cheeses, butter, local yoghurts (Kurd), sour cream. Yes, it was a little more expensive than in Kiev, but not at times. And excellent quality. For comparison, in Goa milk sour for 2 days. In Thailand, we buy two-liter cans of milk, we can drink it straight from the can, and even in 2 weeks milk will not turn sour ...
Shrimp and seafood in Goa are about the same as here, in my opinion the choice is equally large, but the types of fish are different. In Thailand, the best choice of meat, you can easily buy pork and chicken, they are cheaper than in Kiev. In Goa, the chicken is sold only alive, on weight and then it is killed and butchered just in front of you. Pork and beef in Goa were seen once frozen in a supermarket, we didn’t buy, all the time we lived on seafood and chicken. But this is a true village chicken, and not a fat, chopped up broller. In Goa, there are more dishes of raw foodists and vegetarians, in Thai, this is somehow in any way and expensive. In Goa, there were avocados, and even different species! Here it is almost gone, green, which is impossible, rotten and prices!!!
In Goa, fruit is 2-3 times cheaper. The choice of fruit is not less, they are just slightly different. Same price for bananas and pineapples. Vegetables in Goa are definitely more, prices are like in Kiev in the summer, i.e. cheap. In Thailand, the vegetables put just some unrealistic price (such as zucchini $4 for 1 kg). And many fruits too. Not everywhere, of course, if you know the places, you can buy cheaper. But for comparison. In Bangkok, in the city center, in the fruit market we bought mango $0.7 for 1 kg. On Samui in many places mango price from $2.1 to $7. For the same variety of mango, not even for different. Therefore, if you choose the price, you should definitely go to Goa. There it will be easier to find the food we are used to and it will not cost as much as 2 more trips to hot countries.


Definitely Goa. Find easier, prices are lower. Due to the fact that Thailand tourist promoted, people will come. Often without thinking what exactly they want to receive. They see beautiful pictures of 2-5 places taken at dawn without crowds of Chinese, and they think they will get the same thing. No, the tourist-promoted country attracts crowds, these crowds sweep away everything, but cheap and good in the first place. Take friends who came after 2 months from Phuket on Samui on the eve of the Chinese New Year. The guys with a small child rode for housing for 3 days. All successful options are busy. And for an unsuccessful budget a month is far from heavenly, from $ 1000-1500 per month. All blogs say, type come, the options are full. It is only often forgotten to write that these options are either soooo far from civilization, or they are already occupied by the Russians for the year ahead, or by the Chinese. For $400 a month to find a villa with a pool at least 3-5 minutes on a bike to the beach now on Samui is really difficult. Therefore, if you are mentally prepared to go to Thai, then take a note on Samui to look for in advance and not in 1-2 days. In Phuket this is easier. There, the choice of housing is trully more, prices are lower, but this does not apply to tourist areas of the island. I do not write about VIP conditions when a villa costs $1,500 per day. Such options are always enough and they are idle.
In Goa, there is a problem with housing on the eve of our New Year. December. It is better to go in advance to NY or after NY.
In Goa, definitely need to look for housing on the spot, not through the Internet. The beauty of the Goan buildings in general is very lame, but the cost of $400 (and even a gift from the owners) is a large, absolutely new apartment with 2 lavatories and 2 bedrooms, with condors in each room, with a large equipped kitchen and 3 minutes to the beach, is significantly this outward negligence of goan buildings. For the same thing in Thailand you pay $700 at least in Phuket and you will get to the beaches in 40 minutes. On Samui pay all 1000 dollars. Yes, tourist-promoted places are definitely more expensive. This does not mean that you should not go, it means that you have to be morally and financially ready, that the crowds of Chinese will occupy the house of your dreams. By the way, there are no Chinese in Goa :)



Definitely Goa. There are just prices, not space, for the local rum, which is transported all over the world. Old Monk is generally a ridiculous price. Something $3 for a big bottle. In Thai everything is VERY expensive. So expensive that already can not believe. A regular bottle of Martini Bianco 1 liter, which on NY cost $6 everywhere in Kiev, costs $30 here. A bottle of champagne is similar. Wine is 2-5 times more expensive. There is a local rum, seen, people take. But its price is about $10 a bottle. And Old Monk is only $3 :) Take the drink to Thai with you.


Drugs. They sit everywhere, but they smoke grass both in Goa and in Thai in the same way:) Open on less promoted beaches is what they personally saw and smelled. More, unfortunately or fortunately, we can not say, did not go deep. The same about the sex industry. Did not go deep. We see how Europeans men take thaish women, such as how they live with their wives, this is practiced here. This is not exactly prostitution, but rather a wife for a couple of months for money. MANY GAY. Men Europeans come for both Thai boys and their European boys. Bathe on the beach. In Goa, this is not seen.

Transportation and driving style. In Thailand, I would kill everyone, really scary ride. Open the summaries of what happened to tourists in Thailand, the first place is an accident. There really are maniacs who do not understand at all what it means to "give in." Accordingly, if they have an accident, then the car just in the meat. In the evening it is difficult to drive on the highway. I already wrote earlier about driving style, there is no point in rewriting. Given that there are more tourists than in Goa, there are more problems. A biker drove into us from Kiev, we very often see the accident “a car hit a bike”. Everything is to blame. Tourists who suddenly decided that they knew how to drive a scooter, although they sat on it at best as teenagers). And manic driving local, well, damn they climb ahead, well, they have such an essence. I do not know how people in Phuket decide to ride bikes. Yes, without helmets, but with children. There the traffic is not worse than in Kiev. Samui is simpler, but they also fight. I think that in Thailand in these areas with a bike you need to be careful. There are fewer people in Goa, two or three jerks ride around the village in big jeeps, but everything is somehow simpler there. We drove along the track on a bike, it was scary. But with Thailand, do not compare. Take care of yourself!

Insurance, illness, contingent of tourists. I always recommend to buy insurance to all family members, its cost is $15, but it works. In Goa, there is one bad thing. Open the Moms of Goa FB group. They write a lot about children's sores. Really a lot. It's not about the climate. And in fact, who rests and what brings with them. Goanas have flu during the rainy season. But due to the fact that the main contingent of tourists is Russian, now the Goans began to be ill all year round. And why is it all? “Ours” bring all sorts of sores there, the peak season is in the winter, the flu is definitely brought. But taking into account that the contingent in Goa is somehow non-formal, supporters of non-traditional medicine really go there, then the ailments turn into a real problem for both locals and tourists. Informals take their children to the beach with snot, cough, rash, fever, etc. And how are you going to sit at home? And the children are sick, and brutally, because the sores come from different regions of the former USSR, and as you know, viruses for each region are different. In Goa groups, the moms swear and ask and beg in posts not to take the children to the beach if there are any symptoms. It touched us too. I gave a weak sign and let the son down to the children after 3 weeks of our stay there (all 3 weeks under Conder, with ice cream every day, in a full plane with transfers, and nothing, I was not sick !!!). After 3 days, as summed up to the children, the temperature is 40, and there are no signs. The doctor first put the poisoning. Then the coxsackie virus (a mixture of flu and herpes with chickenpox), forbade us all to leave the house, since we were like infectious. As a result, ended with a sore throat. The week of rest just fell out of our holiday, I am not talking about spiritual experiences and that we missed the Holi festival, and that we donated to malaria and typhus, and for everything ... There are Russians in Thailand. But not informally, but rather people of higher affluence and intellectual level. And a lot of Europeans. Not less than Russian. And there are no such diseases here. And not among the Thai patients. On the contrary, they often go in masks so that they do not infect others and do not become infected themselves. The difference is not in sores, but in the level of development and approach. Civilization prevents infections from spreading.
Accordingly, in Goa, sores also apply to adults. There are rotoviruses and coxsacks, sore throats, and flu. Apparently, Ayurvedists are not sufficiently qualified or simply charlatans. I need it. This does not mean that you should not go to Goa, there you will definitely get sick. Not this way. It is worth going to Goa, but follow the rules there. If you are sick - contact less and bathe on deserted beaches, it is not difficult, because there is almost no one there, for example, Ashvem and Mandrem. Do not lead children to unfamiliar to neither local nor Russian children. Experienced mommies of Goa in the past year were generally gathered in a close familiar circle, sitting on the sidelines and not allowing children to play with strangers. Eat only in those cafes where you were before or recommended. In Thailand, I see no reason to follow all these rules. But I do not bring my son to the children, I try to avoid the accumulation of children, sometimes I just ask me if the child was ill the day before. Children do not lie, so I take away from some of my son. Basically, you can catch the sore from the bag, who bought the ticket, and the child as ill luck would have it. Do not fly can not, and sit in the room dumb. For comparison, 75% of acquaintances complain that sick children are brought from Egypt and Turkey. Either rotovirus, then coxsackie, then angina, then mononucleosis. This is not because of Asia, it is because people are ineffectively treated. The lower the level of civilization, the worse it is for sores. Therefore, Goa is a clear minus in this regard. Like Turkey and Egypt!

Infections. Yes, there are infections. Dengue is in Thailand, in Goa, as the Goan doctor explained to me, there is no Dengue. Malaria is sometimes found. There are fewer mosquitoes in Goa than in Thailand. There is typhoid fever in Goa. In general, tests are done in clinics for the whole thing, results are ready within 2 hours. If you are afraid of infections, then definitely you should not go to Asia in general, in any of the countries, well, except that Dubai and Singapore
Locals. Definitely Thais. The Goans are not close to me, they are very indifferent to everything and come in the state of Shanti, I would call it laziness. This can manifest itself sideways in any important matter. We connected the Internet card for 4 days. In fact, you are 4 days without communication. And stated during the day. In Thailand, turned on for 20 minutes. Thais live more clearly and take more responsibility on themselves. Goanians can easily throw, not because they are bad people, but because they got sick. Or a holiday. Therefore, indifference must be prepared. I mean, money doesn't motivate them. Thais are somehow more modern, more vital and active and have a high degree of self-esteem. In Goa, the locals were not comfortable, they did not do anything for money or without them. To motivate a Goan, you must have something special for him, one he knows. Thais helped us in many cases with lightning speed and free of charge.

In general, the conclusion is. If you go exclusively for health and sea, to the resort so that no one can