Iceland, April 2019

This blog entry is about inspiration. Very, very often, people around us ask: "Why do you travel so much, why is this all? Cold countries, the edge of the world, why you do not sit at home, etc.?" We live in Kiev, in Ukraine, which has its own beauty, its own unique places. But sometimes I want to change the picture, to switch. For this we need travel. A wedding photographer and videographer is very important to be able to see the beauty of the moment, the uniqueness that he has seen many, many times. Travels inspire us, give us the opportunity to look at ourselves, at the world from a different angle. And, coming home, we have the power to create, we have the strength to shoot wedding photos from a different angle, to take other angles in the wedding video. We love Kiev very much, we really appreciate our country for its wealth, for people, for a stable nature without a tsunami, winds, earthquakes, etc. The opportunity to look at the world and the situation from the other side is a unique gift that you definitely need to use not only for the profession. Expanding outlook gives the realization that many of the problems of a particular locality are contrived. In general, enjoy watching from the edge of the Earth.